KIC000050 - Chapter 5 Consumer Decision Making •...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5 Consumer Decision Making • Recognition of Unfulfilled Wants Stimulus • When a current product isn't perfonning properly • When the consumer is running out of a product • When another product seems superior to the one currently used Anv unit of Input affecting one or more of the five senses: "sight "smell otaste ·touch ·hearlng -"' __ Information External Information Searches Search NeedLess Information Internal Information Search • • Recall information Extemallnformation • _. --_.--- .._- _. ~_M __ In memory search Seek information environment In outside NonmarkeUng controlled Mariteting controlled ---_ ...... _- _. ___ ~ __ IoI __ Evaluation of Alternatives and Purchase Evoked Set Evoked Set EvoUdSet Anatyze product attributes Graup 01' brands, re$uttm!il from an lnfonnation • _. search, from whlc.h .a bUYlN can choose ___ (LO'll Purchase! ,,-_M__ " "---'"-~""-"-- 3 Chapter 5 Consumer Decision Making L02 REVIEW LEARNING • OUTCOME Purchase Consumer Decision-Making Process Determines which attribute are most important in influencing a consumer's choice "'-' LO' Cognitive Dissonance LO' _"'....,.eo_ ..........;J' .. "" . Postpurchase nIO __ Behavior Consumers can reduce dissonance • Seeking information that reinforces ideas about the purchase • by: positive Avoiding information that contradicts the • Inner tension that a 'consumer experiences after recognizing an purchase • inconsistency-between behavior and values or opinions. decision Revoking the original the product decision by returning _. Consumer Buying Decisions and Consumer Involvement Identify the types of consumer buying decisions and discuss the significance a of consumer involvement Less ~'''''''_''' Involvement ""' __ ' ' 'l\;'__ li;:;'' ' ' 'j_ Involvement ' More ..... • 4 ...
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KIC000050 - Chapter 5 Consumer Decision Making •...

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