KIC000062 - -U ndifferentiatedT argeting S trategy0",C...

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Unformatted text preview: -------------------------------------------------------------------U ndifferentiatedT argeting S trategy0"'... '.,C oncentratedT argeting S trategyiiiiiiiiiiiNiche__One segment,"'''''..M ultisegm entT argeting S trategyiiiiiiiiAstrategythat chooses_twoor moreweJl.definedIIIIEmarket segmentsand_develop!>a distinct~ .•..c ,·~ lIf~ ~ ,...•::'~::;:~'h~~ ~ .~'"',- - - - - - -•Chapter 7 Segmentingand TargetingMarketsU ndifferentiatedT argeting S trategyAdvantage:•Potential savingson productionand marketingcosts••8..•Disadvantages:•Unimaginativeproductofferings•Companymore susceptibletocompetitionC oncentratedT argeting S trategyUndifferentiated~ S tra te g y~Advantage:•Concentrationof resources•Meetsnarrowlydefinedsegment•Smallfirmscan compete•Strongpositioning....Disadvantages:•Segmentstoosmall,or changing•Large competitorsmaymarketto nichesegmentConcentraled[LO']StrategyLO7MullisegmenlTargeting~~{Standard Tissue}You mighi lhink a firm producinga standard producllike...
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KIC000062 - -U ndifferentiatedT argeting S trategy0",C...

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