KIC000078 - 2 adult + children 1 adult + ........

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..-----------~------ --- ------ --- -- -------- "I Social Influences ~ Opinion Leaders An individual who inti uences the opinion of others. Marketers are looking to Web logs, or blogs, to find opinion leaders + Teenagers • Movie stare A.k.a. "lnffuenetals" • Sportsfigures Often the first to • Celebrities try new products, Tastes, attitudes, and behavior evolve through maturity, experience, and changing income and status ideal sejt-lmaqe vs the real self- image AID Chapter 5 Consumer Decision Making Reference Groups Influencers Decision Makers Purchasers • Consumers )Famil Y Life Cycles 1Li Newly arried Single Marrie - No Kids S6lilary Survivor Retired -, olitary " Survivor SOlitary ~ ...(high savers) Survivor Empty Nest I Older Singles ---~ FuilNe FuliNe II Full Nes Retired Solitary Survivor (low ,,"va,s) 3
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Family Life Cycles Bat:helD,1 2 adult
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Unformatted text preview: 2 adult + children 1 adult + ..... " children I Under JIi yean; 13610 64 years II Over 64 years Process by which people select, organize, and interpret stimuli into a meaningful .and coherent picture. Familiamy, color, shape, "look", cerarast, movement, intensity and smell are cues that influence perception. Also vividness, shock. Importance of cues, or signals, and JND Important attributes Price Brand names Quality and reliability Threshold level of perception Product or repositioning changes Forei nconsumer erce tion Chapter 5 Consumer Decision Making When a product is purchased a need is usually fulfilled. These needs become motives when aroused sufficiently. 4...
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KIC000078 - 2 adult + children 1 adult + ........

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