KIC000082 - 3/3/2010 • Measuring Online Success Evolution...

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Unformatted text preview: 3/3/2010 • Measuring Online Success Evolution of E-Business I Initiatives ~T%r • Revenue gene • Aggressive disintermediation Initiatives • Basic mal1leling communication strategies • Reduce e<lstIJ • Build channel partnerships and trust • Customer..focused tlM;hnololll' lind systems • BrQnd building and development • Integrate online and traditional media ---!....----------------.Time Past initiatiws eeeure ota Web site's " 'veneSS:; calculated y)ttultiplying ~u~ncy l;)fViSits times hedut~tlon of a visit ~Jimes ,the"number of j!'pagea vle'ffl!,d during each the visit~! Ii:-;": 'i _ ,,+. Duration xSlte,Reach iit .,m;;;_ ca "";iili;;:;;;:;;;:'""Wu. Present initiatives • • 3 3/3/2010 • The Importance of Market Segmentation Market Segmentation Peop&e or organlz.ltions with needti or wanu. ar'ld tM. ability .nd Wllllngn ... Market Segment Market Sagmentation A aubgraup stt..rtng one c:aUM them (jf to buy. peopr. or or;anlutlons Of more characteristics that to hIi.... stmllat ptOCluet need&. The pnx: .... of dlYldlng. maftlet Into meaningful, relmlvely similar, ldentlflabl. MOmenta -- or Qroups. Criteria for Segmentation • Bases for Segmentation segment muat be 'Irge enough to SubstaintlaJlty Wf".nt _ spfICl., nHlrltetJng mix. CI ldllH1t1f1abillty and Measurability Segments must be IdenUfl.ble their -81:18 IJ'IH;surable. ....... and F>sychographlc8 Members Of tlrgeted segments must be- reachable with ",.,*etJng mix. Accn.slblltty Geographic Segmentation Benefits Sought Benefits of Regional Segmentation s:iti!'i • • • Region of the country or world • Market size • • l...- Market density Climate (Different New ways to qenerate sales In Sluggish and competitive markets Scanner data allow assessment of best selling brands in region Regional brands appeal to local preferences • products and product mixes for different climates) Home Depo'l f/Wi undel1ilands lIlat different aoo waI'lts mal'oo;;ur in differwtt dimales • need$ -- Quicker reaction to competition • 1 ...
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KIC000082 - 3/3/2010 • Measuring Online Success Evolution...

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