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Unformatted text preview: -------------~-_._---------------------------- 3/3/2010 • I! Perceptual Mapping ::1< .... ,. rt'-'I~od,,"" OMW "';~O$fTM' , , I"~, -g.''''1 i' P Positioning and Product Differentiation " r",,,,,,"'h Strategies for positioning dairy drinks for kids and repositioning chocolate milk to reach adults '~ • ,. ,,~~ }';';;.i.">i c... _, ;'''''''''''''"' • 5 • When Should Marketing Research Be Conducted? The Role of Marketing Research The process of planning, collecting, and analyzJng data relevant to a marketing decision, Marketing Research o It provides data on the effectiveness of the marketing mhl and insights for necessary changes. - Where there Is a high level of uncertainty o When value of research information exceeds the cost of generating the information Marketing research Is a main data source for management Information systems and DSS tnectston Support Systems) Marketing Research Studies The Role of Marketing Research • Descripliw · Whe!1'1he hlS!oric MIn ~ .. Diagnostic: PredlclIve · ~'1lIIllUdft ExpIa!nlng_ What_ , ......... Ol:l .... · _.".;'r _c ~~~~ Ho.ttC8n~~~IJIII<l_1tl Ihe tNuIla • Management Uses of Marketing Research .,..,.. • -""......--.--_ .. s New concepts Traffic patterns Sarvle .. otors dlla5Illn .. Wonta Needs B~lng habits POlitics The Marketing Research Process -'''''no .... -. ka N. 1 - Familiarity P dImge In Ihe Focus on keeping existing customers Gauge the value of goods and services, and the level of customer satisfaction Awa ness Prlces 1 Trace problems Aiert management to marketpiace trends Uses Advertising a improve the quality of decision making Understand the marketplace l---J Products I G-..u and pnIHIltlng factual &tatementa --,------- ....-- Problem lM~of$ marlceting pttJblem opportunity 01" D... ••__ 5 Analya ---.J Usually~by field~firmllThe m~illelmg 11!SNll:h proeeu is Q 5Ci&tllifoe awroadl to decision m;oom;us the ~ of aellirlo accura.1eand me~ningfull1!sult$.. 1 ...
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KIC000086 - -------------~-_._----------------------------...

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