KIC000075 - Chapter 5 Consumer Decision Making •...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5 Consumer Decision Making • .~Consumer 1;;1 Decision-Making Proces Consumer Behavior )V)~ >:£ Formerly WI! would study bUjferbel'lavtor. The marketing concept direcU I.ISto understand consumer needs Which req",ires rtudying obtilining. using and disposing of needs. iJi=~ Consum tion, Post·purchaselpos.t..:onsumption Postpurchase Behavior e1laluat;an, DiV<!stment Need Recognition Stimulus -----------Result ofanimbalance between actual and desired states. • Any unit of inputaffectirig one or more of tJie five senses: 'sight ''"- '!l?' :~r:~lt.,.,~.:-:.h-'" .. "~": .•· stoucn 'hearing /, .... ,:f' ~!7:'-~<:::"':N" ',k.;<) mi±\F . • " Marketing helps consumers recogniZ$ .. an imbalance between present status and preferred state. g i . Recognition of .~Unfulfilled Wants • When a current isn't performing product properly • When the consumer is running out of a product • When another ~J""----:~-t-~-~-a-:-~-::-~-~-~-~-:-m-~-;-.:-n-:~-m-a-~-c-o-:-fl-O:F,....,,"'.~~: ·' External • product seems superior to the one currently Information search Seek information in outside environment Nonmarketing controlled Marketing controlled used • 1 Chapter 5 Consumer Decision Making • Evoked Set (consideration set) External Information Group of brands, resulting from an information which j Evaluation of Alternative'i " and Purchase !'~ search, from a buyer can choose Purchase 0",,~f-- -5"" " Evoked Set • petermines which attributes are most important in inftuencing a consumer's choice Purchase! Brand names have a significantimpact over the choice 0' pr9AUcts. jIj""'I Post-Purchase Behavior' Cognitive Dissonance Inner tension thai a consumer experiences after recognIzing an inconsistency between behavior and values or opinions. this is also caUed "buyer·s remorse .... 2 • ...
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KIC000075 - Chapter 5 Consumer Decision Making •...

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