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1. Define the problem SeCOndary data == Exploratory Research Use of a Matket Research Aggregator Markellng research problem Marketing research Management decision prcbtem Secondary Data '- -, Dati previously collected tor any purpo:u other than the OM at hand. Secoodlry Data Advantages of Secondary Data o Saves time and money if on target o Aids in determining direction for primary data collection o Pinpoints the kinds of people to approach o Serves as a basis of comparison for other data Disadvantages of Secondary Data - Q May not give adequate detailed information lJ May not be on target with the research problem o Quality and accuracy of data may pose a problem 1. Define the problem Marketing Det8nnlnlng wbft Infonnlttlon is needed and Researeh how thai Information c;ln be PrOblem obtl.lned effIcllIntly and 1tffttC;IJr,rely. "What. ..e the clerrnlgJaPhics for our mafkel - and haw do _Ijlalher Ihi. information?" -- The apI1CiIk lntam.HltJon ~ R..-ch 110MlW
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Unformatted text preview: .. mark. .wtg"""n:h,xobMm; Objec1lvo 1M ~ stIouki provide InalgIltful dei;'alon-mak1ng IntonnaUon. '-'Haw do we chll~nze oor ma:rtet In 'Illm1sour advertisen. unllllrslmd?' Man.3:gement A broad-blud probillim that Decision requillil" m<lr1letlng renanh 1n order Problem for mlnag81'1o to uk. proper .<:\lon". "Haw 00 . .... teIlla ~ur~YfSi" Sources of Secondary Data Internal corporate Information Trade and Industry Auoc:latlons Secondary data is a valuable tool particularty in the problerwcpportunlty identification stage. 2. Plan the Research Design and Gathering Primary Data • / Whlth ~.arc:h questions musl be answered? How and . ....hen will dOlUl be g.athered? How wlUIhe dau be .naly,ted? MOAI 5lKondaty Infonnallon? Primary datol: SUJVtIy, ObMNoilIon, Experlment • • • 2...
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