KIC000052 - _.------, ... _-• • Chapter 5 Consumer...

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Culture is. .. Core American Values Social Class Chapter 5 Consumer Decision Making Value LO' Subculture LO' Social Class Measurements 7
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LO~ Social Class and Education Sid . . (;I'M MIl {lMfIloo, EII~IProfil. Th.l:lll \'W1l l m.l tm~ • 9\!'1 G Me edJCllliM l~O:lll""" ellt . ...12tl19'ao:lIJ. e(lu«ll;or.(m'/.j'Ihl:·tJ 11gI'!11I1oOlG~~ C,'Ill)gIllll'ol!i""t0!j,BA ~ollcge gr1Iihl:es MA I'rllluuwl ~!I! tlDlders Mol l ft t!ousehl ld IIICDlIHI $ n11;1 S 21.T,l1 S J5;7~ S {j4,~0Ii S 74476 S 100.00II _. ---_ ...... _- LO' REVIEW LEARNING OUTCOME Cultural Factors _. ---,_ ... _- LO' Social Influences Opinion Leaders Family Members
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Unformatted text preview: _.------, ... _-• • Chapter 5 Consumer Decision Making LO' The Impact of Social Class on Marketing • indicates which medium to use for advertising • Helps.determine lhe best distribution for products-'---_ ...... _--IrLO~' lkic:ial liifluences on Consumer Buying Decisions Identify and understand the social factors that affect consumer buying decisions _. ~----_ .. _-. LO' Reference Group Ref8ntnce Group A group in ~iety thill' influences an individual's p,. .rehuinv behavior.----'"-.... _-• • 8...
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KIC000052 - _.------, ... _-• • Chapter 5 Consumer...

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