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Calculate their lifetime value Predict purchasing behavior Tile usefulness of data mining extends beyond its ability to create a mailing list. It is used to identify tile best cu5tomenr, and calcu1llte their lifetime value, wnue predicting ltleir purcllasing bellavior. I; Recency-Frequency-Monetary ;,Analysis , ~ ,~ 1. Identifies customers most likely to purchase again 2. Identifies and ranks "best customers" 3. Identifies most profitable customers
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Unformatted text preview: "J DataAnalysis :FlT--------------''~·,~"'~"'-"'·~,,·,,.~,,75ii"" .. ;· Before the data mining Information is hlVeraged, several types of analysis are otten run on tile data . • Campaign Management • 4 • • Increasing Effectiveness of Distribution Channel Marketing Offer more reinforcement of past purchase decisions Design around loyalty and reinforcement of purchase 5...
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KIC000092 - "J...

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