KIC000058 - .~-3 I The Post-Enlightenment Life of Buddha...

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Buddhism (Cont.) The Four Passing Sights: 1. The Old Man 2. The Sick Man 3. The Dead Man 4. The Holy Man 4/28/2011 The Eightfold Path INirvana - "To Blow Out" I The Buddha's 1" Sermon - "Via Media," Given in Deer Park "Four Truths for the Spiritually Noble": All of Life is Suffering Desire is the Cause of Suffering To End Suffering a Person Must End Desire The Eight-fold Path Must be Followed 1
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A Pledge Made by all Monks and many Laypeople, r..· ·. . ·.. i1;S;;;;;;. ··· ..······] ~•'rheraveoe means '"Way of the Elder n - ~ ~Hinayana means "Utt\e" or "lesser Vehk:Ie" 1. It is the oldest and most orthodox type of ~Buddhism [, Bases ideas (for the most part) on the 1 Tripitaka 1- In 247 B.C.E. King Asoka of India sent his ~son and daughter to Sri lanka In spread ~Buddhlsm ~. From Sri Lanka it spread East [, Today mostly found in Sri Lanka, ~Cambodia, laos, Burma, and Thailand - . ~though it is becoming important in the West ; ias well : : ~ ~_~.~~.~_~~.~~~~_.~~.~:!.~.i~
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Unformatted text preview: ...~ 4/28/2011 , ..-3 I The Post-Enlightenment Life of Buddha • Met his ok! friends at Deer Park -they become his first disciples-Preached lit Sermon to them • He traveled around India for the next 45 years preaching • Numbers of people converted to his teachings • Sangha developed - a community of monks and nuns • Opposed the healing of people • At 80 he contracted dysentery from food (he dk! the on purpose) • He lay down between two trees (which blossomed) on his right side, meditated, and ultimately passed into Nirvana • Before dying instructed his followers to cremate his body and distribute the relics to his roUowers who were to enshrine them Nepalese Stupa 4/28/2011 • Indian Stnpa - 3 rd Cent. B.C.E. • Major Dharma of the Buddha 2 •...
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KIC000058 - .~-3 I The Post-Enlightenment Life of Buddha...

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