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Buddhism (Cont.) The Four Passing Sights: 1. The Old Man 2. The Sick Man 3. The Dead Man 4. The Holy Man 4/28/2011 The Eightfold Path INirvana - "To Blow Out" I The Buddha's 1" Sermon - "Via Media," Given in Deer Park "Four Truths for the Spiritually Noble": All of Life is Suffering Desire is the Cause of Suffering To End Suffering a Person Must End Desire The Eight-fold Path Must be Followed 1
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A Pledge Made by all Monks and many Laypeople, r..· ·. . ·.. i1;S;;;;;;. ··· ..······] ~•'rheraveoe means '"Way of the Elder n - ~ ~Hinayana means "Utt\e" or "lesser Vehk:Ie" 1. It is the oldest and most orthodox type of ~Buddhism [, Bases ideas (for the most part) on the 1 Tripitaka 1- In 247 B.C.E. King Asoka of India sent his ~son and daughter to Sri lanka In spread ~Buddhlsm ~. From Sri Lanka it spread East [, Today mostly found in Sri Lanka, ~Cambodia, laos, Burma, and Thailand - . ~though it is becoming important in the West ; ias well : : ~ ~_~.~~.~_~~.~~~~_.~~.~:!.~.i~
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Unformatted text preview: ...~ 4/28/2011 , ..-3 I The Post-Enlightenment Life of Buddha Met his ok! friends at Deer Park -they become his first disciples-Preached lit Sermon to them He traveled around India for the next 45 years preaching Numbers of people converted to his teachings Sangha developed - a community of monks and nuns Opposed the healing of people At 80 he contracted dysentery from food (he dk! the on purpose) He lay down between two trees (which blossomed) on his right side, meditated, and ultimately passed into Nirvana Before dying instructed his followers to cremate his body and distribute the relics to his roUowers who were to enshrine them Nepalese Stupa 4/28/2011 Indian Stnpa - 3 rd Cent. B.C.E. Major Dharma of the Buddha 2...
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KIC000058 - ...~ 4/28/2011 , ..-3 I The Post-Enlightenment...

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