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The Lottery - rid of the lottery Tessie Hutchinson is the...

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Langston Cabaniss Mrs. Leigh English Comp II 8 Febraury 2011 The Lottery Analysis Question The Lottery by Shirley Jackson is a short story that takes place in a small town of about 300 people. The whole story is centralized around this whole idea of a town ritual of a lottery. We as the readers however don’t know exactly what this ‘lottery’ entails. Various characters in the story represent certain ideas, like Old Man Varner. Old Man Varner is the town elder and he represents the tradition and old values in the town. He refuses the ideas of getting
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Unformatted text preview: rid of the lottery. Tessie Hutchinson is the winner of the lottery. She would represent the tragic victim in the story. Tessie is chosen as the winner after her piece of paper is the only one with a black dot on it. Tessie is then attacked and stoned to death. Tessie did absolutely nothing wrong and was punished by death for it all because of town tradition. In my eye, Old Man Varner is the true victim for enforcing the rules of the lottery and for continuing such an awful tradition....
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