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Cabaniss 1 Langston Cabaniss Mrs. Leigh English Comp. II 28 April 2011 When Mrs. Wright Went Wrong In the play “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell the epitome of a marriage gone downhill is portrayed. The marriage described in Trifles has gone past downhill, over the edge, into the rocks, and sunk somewhere in the bottom of a dark ocean. This seems to be more of an accurate description of the marriage between Mr. and Mrs. Wright in “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell. Mrs. Wright was clearly not happy in this relationship and felt confined. Mrs. Wright had dealt with many of Mr. Wright’s actions; however, in the play the reader is shown that when trapped in ones own prison, everyone has a breaking point. Through Mrs. Wright not having a happy marriage and having her freedom taken away, she reaches her breaking point and is proud of what she does. Mrs. Wright was not pleased with her marriage in any way. The marriage between the Wrights was not a joyous one. The couple may have been happy in the newlywed years; however, recently it is shown that the couple was not happy with one another. Mrs. Hale was the Wrights’ neighbor and she says, “I’ve not seen much of her late years…it never seemed a cheerful place” (1031). Mrs. Hale is referring to the Wright household and stating that the past years have not been the best for the Wright couple. However Mrs. Hale also says, “I liked her all well enough. Farmers’ wives have their hands full… But I don’t think a place would be any cheerfuller for John Wright’s being in it.” (1031) Mrs. Hale is explaining to the County Attorney that the lack of communication to the Wright family had not ceased because of Mrs. Wright.
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Cabaniss 2 Mrs. Hale states that she still liked Mrs. Wright and tried to maintain some sort of relationship with her. She is saying that the problems the couple were facing were not that the fault of Mrs. Wright, but of John Wright. When Mrs. Hale brings this up, the reader can only jump to the conclusion that John Wright, being a farmer, was violent towards his wife causing such animosity in the relationship. This is due to John Wright being a labor worker and using his
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paper 4 - Cabaniss 1 Langston Cabaniss Mrs. Leigh English...

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