Macro Summary 3

Macro Summary 3 - S umma ry: H ung ry China WSJ, 20 June...

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Summary: Hungry China WSJ, 20 June 11, P. C3 Langston Cabaniss , Econ 2301 Summary: Hungry China Shops in Argentina China is increasing their pursue of raw materials into the Latin Americas in order to adequately provide and maintain its 1.3 million population. More than fifteen billion dollars has been invested into the Latin Americas from china from May of 2010 to May of 2011. The country receiving the majority of that investment being Brazil, with approximately 60 percent of that venture, and he remaining 40 percent being invested into Argentina for farming purposes. Since March, around 70 percent of China’s investment into the Latin America region focused just on minerals and energy. However with agricultural resources and methods very scarce in China, they have chosen to get involved with farming methods in Argentina. Argentina’s cash crop is Soybeans and China buys the majority of that from Argentina. Urbanization is also increasing in China which leaves little room for agricultural purposes. This also prompted Chinas move to get into the farming industry
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Macro Summary 3 - S umma ry: H ung ry China WSJ, 20 June...

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