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Media Dilemna - the ball down But no call was made and no...

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Langston Cabaniss Mr. Carlsmith Mrs. Amy Ethics Course 6 February 2011 Media Dilemna Assignment February 6 th , 2011. Not just any other Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday. One of the biggest events worldwide. In Super Bowl XLV we had the Green Bay Packers going against the Pittsburg Steelers. It was a hard fought game down to the end, and one play in it saw more controversy than any other call, or shall I saw no call, then the entire game. The 4 th and 5 that Pittsburg had to convert to keep their chances of winning alive. There were 49 seconds left in the football game and Pittsburg was trailing by 6 and needed a touchdown to tie the ball game and potentially take the lead. Pittsburg was on their own 33 yard line and Ben Rothlisberger through a pass to Mike Wallace that was knocked down ending all chances of the Steelers winning. However there seemed to be a lot of contact right before the catch between wide receiver Mike Wallace and cornerback Tramon Williams, the defender who knocked
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Unformatted text preview: the ball down. But no call was made, and no flag was thrown. Immediately we all saw Mike Wallace lobbying before a flag as well as Ben Rothlisberger, but their efforts were useless, as the referees had no intentions of making a call on that play. As soon as this no call was made, the internet blew up with people outraged exclaiming there should have been a flag for pass interference on the play. Many social website such as Twitter and Facebook saw thousands of people post status’ regarding the non call play. After the game ended, there were many headlines on major news websites such as Yahoo and Msn questioning the call and asking for user comments. I feel as if the situation was handled correctly. Although first instance may have seemed like there was a need for a flag on the play, further replays showed no such evidence....
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Media Dilemna - the ball down But no call was made and no...

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