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child_abuse_paper - Cabaniss 1 Langston Cabaniss Ryan...

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Cabaniss 1 Langston Cabaniss Ryan Abshire English Comp I December 2010 Essay 4-Child Abuse Child abuse is a serious subject that is often over looked in today’s society. People seem to be oblivious to this topic if it has never had anything to do with them. Rather or not you’re affected by it, child abuse is still impacting the world today and not just in its traditional way. Most people view the customary definition of child abuse as synonymous with physical abuse. This main stream opinion ignores two things; firstly it ignores the fact that child abuse affects people in different ways and secondly, it marginalizes those that have been affected by child abuse in non-traditional ways. Other varying forms of child abuse are sexual abuse and emotional abuse. Child abuse in any form or way is wrong, because it not only harms the abused but cripples our society for generations to come. If the proper steps were taken accordingly, we could start solving this problem and prevent such cases of child abuse from happening. Physical abuse is defined as any inflicted physical injury upon a child with cruel and malicious intent. Physical abuse is what comes to most people’s mind when they think of child abuse. Contrary to what most people would think, physical abuse is not the most common type of child abuse. Drugs and alcohol seem to play an immense role in physical child abuse. 1/13 parents on drugs abuse their kids regularly (Childhelp). The men and women who are physically abused as children also have a higher chance of being extremely violent when they get older. Bruising, welts, burn marks, are all symptoms and signs of a child being physically abused.
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Cabaniss 2 Individuals who are abused physically often feel as if they are doing something wrong and when they mess up in situations away from their parents they feel as if they need to inflict pain on
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child_abuse_paper - Cabaniss 1 Langston Cabaniss Ryan...

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