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Workplace Ethics Study Guide Quiz 3 1. What important distinction did Socrates make? 2. What is the primary focus of Virtue Ethics? 3. What are Plato’s 4 ‘classical virtues’? 4. What are the two types of virtues for Aristotle? 5. What is Aristotle’s principle of teleology? 6. What is the Greek term for living well or flourishing? 7. What is Aristotle’s Golden Mean? 8. What are the 4 basic values for Natural Law Theory? 9. What does each of these values imply both positively and negatively? 10. What is the central duty according to Locke? 11. What are the 5 assumptions to Locke’s theory? 12. According to the U.N. what are the basic human rights?
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13. What is a positive right?
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Unformatted text preview: 14. What is a negative right? 15. According to Kant, what is ethics based on? 16. What does the deontology mean? 17. What does Kant mean by saying we are ‘morally autonomous’? 18. What is the Categorical Imperative? 19. What is Kant’s 2 nd principle of morality? 20. What is the central value of contractarianism? 21. What is the ‘original position’? 22. What are the primary goods for contractarianism? 23. What are contractarianism’s primary goods? 24. What is the assumption in the original position? 25. What is the ‘veil of ignorance? 26. According to Rawls, what are the two principles of justice?...
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1623_StudyGuideQuiz3 - 14 What is a negative right 15...

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