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Case_Development_Instructions - your group to the class on...

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Case Development Instructions 1. Each group must determine a moral issue that they think would be relevant to their professional field. 2. The issue must be developed such that it causes a moral dilemma. A moral dilemma occurs when any proposed solution to the moral issue is unacceptable. That is, your group should develop the moral case so that it is the most difficult one that you can come up with. Another group will be assigned your case in order to determine a solution. 3. You must include two fallacies when developing the case. Remember that fallacies are meant to confuse an issue, or to make it seem unimportant. 4. The case must be written down, typed preferably, and will be presented by
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Unformatted text preview: your group to the class on the evening of group presentations. 5. Part of the grade on this assignment will be based on the perceived difficulty as voted on by your fellow class mates and myself. I will average the difficulty grades assigned to each group and then average that number with mine. That will be the basis for your grade on this assignment. 6. I will be available during class time, as you work on your cases, to provide advice on the degree of difficulty and other concerns your group may have. 7. Absences from group activities or failure to participate in the activity will result in individual grades being lowered appropriately. PHI 1623 Spring 2008...
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