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ContextualCertainty - considered for blood transfusions to...

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1 Contextual Certainty • To be certain that an inductive conclusion is true, it must be confirmed by the totality of the context of your knowledge. • There is no other alternative conclusion which can be drawn based on the information you possess. • According to this view new knowledge doesn’t falsify old knowledge but appends it. Example 1 • Blood types were found to be compatible when making blood transfusions. – One can conclude that blood types are compatible all other factors being considered. – New information reveals that there is an additional factor (the RH factor) that must be
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Unformatted text preview: considered for blood transfusions to be successful. – The new information doesn’t change the older knowledge about blood types but adds to it. Example 2 • Joan has reported that her car has been stolen. • You interview neighbors and one of them reports seeing Jimmy the Snitch being around the vehicle just before it was reported missing. • Another witness reports Jimmy driving the vehicle away. • The vehicle is discovered one block from Jimmy’s home. • Jimmy’s fingerprints are found inside the vehicle....
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