Contractarianism - Assumptions...

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Contractarianism Central Value: Fairness Assumptions 1) Your choice of economic systems would be affected by your personal economic condition. 2) No society is fair. What kind of social contract would a fair society have? None will ever be perfect. So, must imagine what one would be like. Think “as if” Temporarily suspend knowledge of reality. Original Position An imaginary situation in which the participants in a social contract deliberate about rules of conduct that will be strictly followed once they enter society.
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Primary Goods Rights and Liberties – Contractors would want as many as possible. Powers and Opportunities–Everyone would want as much power and influence in society as possible. Same for opportunities. Income and Wealth–All participants would recognize their financial interests. Self respect – Contractors would vote for principles that maximize this. Fairness and Self
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Contractarianism - Assumptions...

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