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Employment_Relationship - Basic Contract The Employment...

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Unformatted text preview: Basic Contract The Employment Relationship Rights, Responsibilities and Respect The employee promises a fair day’s work day’ in accordance with the directions of the employer, in exchange for a fair day’s pay. day’ Employee Responsibilities Act justly. Respect the privacy of the employer and other employees. Respect dignity of others. Respect integrity of others. Perform assigned work. Workplace Justice Fairness and objectivity in employment decisions and relationships: Hiring Hiring Training Training Promotion Promotion Discipline Discipline Termination Termination Compensation Compensation Treat others fairly. 1 Prejudice A disposition to judge before knowing the facts; a bias that works in favor of some and against others regardless of the objective features and facts of the situation. Favoritism Nepotism Cronyism Discrimination An intentional act or pattern of acts that irrationally denies opportunities or benefits to persons solely on the basis on Race Race Religion Religion Sex Sex Denying a person due rights and opportunities without considering the person’s abilities or character. person’ Anti-Discrimination Laws Equal Protection Act of 63: equal pay for women. Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act The Age Discrimination Act Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Protected class: any group of people specifically mentioned in antiantidiscrimination laws. 2 Affirmative Action Not a law but addendum to purchase orders issue by federal government. Does not apply to all employers Moral justification Effects of past discrimination must be Effects overcome. Equality of employment is in the best long Equality term interests of the country. Taxes spent to those interests All companies doing business with the government and its agencies must Issue a written EEO and Affirmative Action plan. Issue Appoint high-ranking officer in the company to implement and Appoint highpublicize plan. Keep flag any pattern of under-representation. Keep underWhere under-representation exists, hiring and promotion goals Where undermust be established. Not quotas Goal must be established. Goal If goals are not met new plans established. If Businesses are not required to fill hiring quotas except when court has found a business guilty of intentional discrimination. Sexual Harassment Violates title VII of Civil Rights Act Violates human dignity EEOC definition of sexual harassment is: Unwelcome requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute harassment when Submission to or rejection of this conduct is explicitly or implicitly affects Submission implicitly an individual’s employment individual’ Unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work performance Unreasonably individual’ Creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment Creates Other Justice Issues Right to training Informing employees of its financial issues Employers right to keep financial information confidential Grievance procedure Progressive disciplinary procedure Two categories of sexual harassment Quid pro quo Quid Hostile environment Hostile Difference between harassment and harmless flirtation Flirtation sexual behavior is unwelcome Flirtation Behavior makes job more difficult for the employee Behavior Behavior is directed at members of one gender but not the other Behavior 3 Privacy and Other Civil Rights Employee privacy: testing and monitoring on the job Electronic and Video monitoring Other testing methods 3 way test Always use least intrusive methods to gather information Always Collect and store no information that is not directly relevant to the way Collect to employee does job Access limited to those who have a need to know Access Protection of Health and Safety Hazards in the workplace Federal Workplace Regulation: OSHA Drugs and Drinking Pre-employment drug screening PreTesting for cause and after accidents Testing Health and Genetic Testing Employee’s Obligations: Fitness for work Employee’ Respecting Privacy of Employer Freedom of speech Conflict of interests Respecting Employee Dignity Dignity An understanding of one’s own self-worth An one’ selfDeserving of respect from others Deserving Means to Respect Involving Employees in Workplace Decision Making Justification Legitimate interests of all in company better protected by worker participation than protective legislation Only a system of democratic participation recognizes the dignity of persons as moral agents and rational decision makers Workers perception of ability to influence corporate policy will result in higher productivity, responsibility and accountability Lower level of alienation and disinfestations Essential training ground for civic participation, responsibility and citizenship. While at work No ridicule No No embarrassment or humiliation No Corporate Culture Corporate 4 Balancing Work and Family Family leave act of 1992 Whistleblowing A whistleblower is an employee or officer of any institution, profit or non-profit, who believes noneither that he/she has been ordered to perform some act or he/she has obtained knowledge that the institution is engaged in activities which Are believed to cause unnecessary harm to third Are parties Are in violation of human rights Are Run counter to the defined purpose of the institution Run And who informs the public of this fact And Justified Whistle is blown from right motivation All internal channels exhausted or danger is imminent Wrong doing must be carefully documented, and evidence certain Careful thought given to the matter Danger is real Danger Harm is imminent Harm No alternatives No 5 ...
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