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PHI1623_ArgumentsHandout - PHI 1623 Arguments Each pair of...

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PHI 1623 Arguments Each pair of argument below has the same conclusion. Determine which one has the greater logical strength. Remember strength does not depend on the truth of the premises. 1. (a) Cross-country skiing is one of the best forms of exercise: my sister is a cross- country skier, and she’s in great shape. (b) Cross-country skiing uses all the major muscle groups, and gives the cardiovascular system a good workout, so it is an ideal form of exercise. 2. (a) Business conditions will improve over the next year, and when they do so, corporate profits will increase. Increasing profit levels will drive up stock prices. So, I am confident that investing in the stock market is a good idea. (b) Investing in stocks is a good idea. My cousin Vinny, who’s a broker, says the market is going up. 3. (a) The fact that average wages of manufacturing workers have increased by a factor of five since 1900 indicates that the standard of living has improved a great deal during this century.
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