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Ethics Case 2 Same situation as described in case 1, except all three of her professors have allowed her to miss classes as long as she keeps up with the required work. As the midterm is approaching, Karen realizes that she isn’t prepared for the midterm exams and doesn’t understand the writing assignment because she wasn’t in class. She is just as overworked as she was when the initial problem of her mother’s illness arose. She is now very stressed out over her situation. She tells her brother about her problems. He says he knows someone who just took a course with the professor
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Unformatted text preview: who has the writing assignment and that maybe he can have this girl contact her. She sets up a meeting with Jane, the girl her brother referred to, and Jane tells her that her professor’s writing assignment is the same as the one she did. She can give her this assignment, correct the mistakes she made and turn it in as her own. Jane says after all us single mothers have to stick together. Using Jane’s essay will give Karen time to prepare for the midterm exams. Use act utilitarianism to determine what Karen should do....
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