Benedict - BenedictTheCaseforMoralRelativism

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Benedict – The Case for Moral Relativism Social Anthropology is a study of the varieties and common elements of cultural environment and the consequences of these human behaviors. Study of the social order of primitive societies provides a laboratory for such a study [as social anthropology engages in]. There is not an inevitability about social forms. These simpler cultures do not conform to our view of human nature. We do not have a monopoly on social good or of social sanity. Modern civilization is not a necessary pinnacle of human achievement but one entry in a long series of possible adjustments. 1. The normal, abnormal categories are suspect – conclusions regarding them are suspect. 2. Support for 1 can be seen in the following examples. a. Acceptance of those in trance and epileptic states b. Many of our culturally discarded traits are selected for elaboration in different cultures. i.
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Benedict - BenedictTheCaseforMoralRelativism

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