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Herodotus - Argument 1 Conclusion:Cambyses wasmad, i 2...

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Herodotus – Custom is king. Argument In the order of presentation 1. Conclusion: Cambyses i was mad, he would not have have set himself to mock holy rites and long established usages. 2. Premise: For if one were to offer men to choose out of all the customs in the world such as seemed to them best, they would examine the whole number, and end by preferring their own; so convinced are they that their own usages far surpass those of all others. 3. Conclusion: Therefore unless a man was mad, it is not likely that he would make sport of such matters [i.e. of the holy rites]. Note: 1 is true based on 2 and 3. 4. Premise: Darius’s questioning of the Greeks and Catalations is evidence for 2. i The traditions about Cambyses, preserved by the Greek authors, come from two different sources. The first, which forms the main part of the account of Herodotus (3. 2-4; 10-37), is of Egyptian origin. Here Cambyses is made the legitimate son of Cyrus and a daughter of Apries named Nitetis (Herod. 3.2, Dinon fr. II, Polyaen. viii. 29), whose
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