VirtueBasedEthics - mean relative to us this being...

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1 Virtue Based Ethics Aristotle The good for man determined by observing what good men do. Function Argument Golden Mean Virtues Definition of Virtues Good Eudaimonia – well being or flourishing Attained over a lifetime Determine the function of man and will know what the good for man is.
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2 Function Argument Each part of man has a function, e.g. the eye is for seeing and a good eye sees well. Is it possible for each part to have a function and man to have none? No! Human good is activity of soul exhibiting virtue (excellence). Virtue Golden Mean: To have the right feelings at the right times on the right grounds towards the right people for the right motive and in the right way is to feel them to an intermediate. Virtue is a mean (intermediate) as exhibited in the following . Full Definition Virtue is a state of character concerned with choice, lying in a mean, I.e, the
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Unformatted text preview: mean relative to us, this being determined by a rational principle, and by that principle by which the man of practical wisdom (the prudent man) would determine it. 3 Contemporary Virtues Benevolence, civility, compassion, conscientiousness, cooperativeness, courage, courteousness, dependability, fairness, friendliness, generosity, honesty, industriousness, justice, loyalty, moderation, patience, reasonableness, self-discipline, self-reliance, tactfulness, thoughtfulness, tolerance. An incomplete list? Requirements for a Complete Moral Theory State the ultimate source of value. Provide a metaphysical justification for the ultimate value. State a fundamental moral principle. Provide a rationale for accepting the principle as universally binding. Specify the motivation for being moral....
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VirtueBasedEthics - mean relative to us this being...

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