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Quiz---------Chapter 10 Japanese Americans page 1 True/False T F 1. Changes in U.S. immigration laws since 1965 have allowed a substantial increase in immigration from Asia and the Pacific Islands. T F 2. Japanese immigrants were originally welcomed by employers, but by the early 20th century campaigns against the “yellow peril” were gaining momentum. T F 3. The 1924 Immigration Act, which established racist quotas giving preference to “Nordic” nations, excluded Japanese immigrants. T F 4. A Supreme Court decision in 1922 granted Asian immigrants the right to become naturalized citizens. T F 5. The Japanese have been the most numerous Asian-Pacific immigrant group since the 1965 Immigration Act removed restrictions on their immigration from U.S. law. T F 6. Japanese Americans have been the only racial or ethnic group to be forcibly imprisoned as a group in 20th century America. T F 7. During World War II native-born Japanese Americans on the west coast were allowed to remain in their homes. T F 8. The land and personal property of those Japanese Americans imprisoned during World War II were protected by a government agency and returned to the owners intact upon their release at the end of the war. T F 9. During World War II because of widespread fear of sabotage many Italian and German Americans were treated equally as badly as Japanese Americans. T F 10. Many Japanese American youth served in the U.S. armed forces during World War II. T F 11. During the period of imprisonment few Japanese Americans were willing to protest their conditions openly. T F 12. Japanese workers in Hawaii and on the mainland have participated in worker organizations, including strikes and agitation for better wages, since 1890. T
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ch10tfmultiplequiz - Quiz-Chapter 10 Japanese Americans...

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