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Quiz-------------Chapter 12: Arab and Other Middle Eastern Americans page 1 True/False T F 1. European civilization has been heavily influenced by the advanced Arab cultures of the 10th–12th centuries. T F 2. The Arab-Israeli conflicts of the 1960s marked the beginning of a stronger pan-Arab identity among Arab Americans than had existed prior to this period. T F 3. The three largest groups of Arab Americans today are of Lebanese, Egyptian and Syrian descent. T F 4. The 1924 Immigration Act sharply reduced immigration from the Middle East. T F 5. Since the events of 9/11, immigration authorities have mostly lifted restrictions on Arab immigrants desiring to enter the country. T F 6. Stereotypes of Arab Americans became far less negative following the 1990s Gulf War. T F 7. A 2006 national survey found that most Americans do not hold negative stereotypes of Muslim Americans. T F 8. More than 500 violent attacks on Arab Americans were documented in the first nine weeks after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C. T F 9. Arab American political participation has declined substantially since 1990. T F 10. In general, Arab Americans today have a lower average household income than the population as a whole. T F 11. Today, the average Arab American is better educated than the average American. T
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ch12tfmultiplequiz - Quiz-Chapter 12: Arab and Other Middle...

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