ch13tfmultiplequiz - QUIZ-Chapter 13: Ongoing Racial and...

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QUIZ---------Chapter 13: Ongoing Racial and Ethnic Issues in the United States: Some Final Considerations page   1 True/False T F 1. Demographers predict that by the middle of the twenty-first century the typical U.S. resident will be a European American. T F 2. Significant challenges to white social, political, and educational domination are from large-scale population changes and new organizational developments those changes bring. T F 3. Five countries from the populous areas of Asia and the Middle East have contributed over 2 million immigrants to the U.S. T F 4. Large-scale immigration often parallels the development of U.S. political and economic linkages internationally. T F 5. In a 2006 Pew Research Survey, immigration concerns ranked highest among major issues facing American communities. T F 6. Primarily because of immigration, population growth in the U.S. in the 1980s and 1990s was greater than during most decades in U.S. immigration history. T F 7. The ratio of immigrants to native-born population in the United States was much lower in the mid-1990s than in the earlier decades of the twentieth century. T
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ch13tfmultiplequiz - QUIZ-Chapter 13: Ongoing Racial and...

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