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Chapter 4: Irish Americans and Italian Americans Quiz 9/2/11 page 1 True/False T F 1. The first waves of Irish immigrants referred to themselves as Scotch - Irish upon arrival in America. T F 2. 18 th -century Irish immigrants were almost exclusively Ulster (northern) Irish. T F 3. About half of the 18 th -century Irish immigrants became indentured servants in America. T F 4. Dehumanizing stereotypes of the Irish were used to rationalize the exploitation of this group. T F 5. Unlike many other immigrant groups, the Irish experienced almost no violent conflict in their process of adaptation. T F 6. During the Civil War Irish Americans formed a coalition with free black workers in many northern cities. T F 7. Local political involvement provided a means of social mobility for the Irish. T F 8. In response to the government’s policy of staying out of economic affairs, 19th and early 20th century urban residents joined political machines that shaped government programs to benefit the poor. T F 9. Few Irish American Catholics today have much interest in the political controversies in Ireland. T F 10. Economic and social mobility was about the same for the Irish of the first and second waves of immigration. T F 11.Recent census data show that the educational level of Americans of Irish ancestry is well below that of all Americans. T F 12.Prior to 1880 most Italian immigrants were poor farmers and laborers from southern Italy. T F 13.Immigration to the U.S. for most Italians was voluntary. T F 14.The Immigration Act of 1924 allowed unlimited Italian immigration to the U.S. T F 15.By the end of the 19th century vicious and absurd stereotypes of Italian Americans by nativists had largely replaced the early harsh stereotypes of Irish Americans. T F 16.In the early 20th century many nativists asserted that a large majority of Jewish and Italian immigrants were feeble - minded based on the misinterpretation of tests measuring learned skills. T F 17.The democratic philosophy of an Italian immigrant, Filippo Mazzei, influenced Thomas Jefferson in writing the Declaration of Independence. T F 18.Irish Americans vigorously excluded Italian Americans from the political machines of northern cities. T
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Chpt4quizpost - Chapter 4 Irish Americans and Italian...

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