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Name_________________ ICS 9 date _____________ Feagin Ch 3 Extra credit short answer questions 1. Briefly compare and contrast the experiences of the three immigrant groups entering the U.S. during commercial capitalism and the slave society. 2. Irving Kristol argued that the experience of black Americans moving to U.S. industrial cities has not been significantly different from white immigrant groups. Briefly explain why this view is seen as insufficient. 3. How did various white immigrant groups become a part of the “white race”?
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Unformatted text preview: Why? 4. What were some of the fears surrounding immigration and the subsequent consequences of these fears? 5. How have nativism and racism been rationalized since the 1980s? 6. Briefly explain two consequences of nativism and the dominance of the English language. 7. How have English Americans shaped U.S. legal and political institutions? 8. Explain education and income differences between people with English ancestry and the total population....
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