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Feaginch4shrt - 7 What was life like for the large numbers...

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Name_________________ ICS 9 date _____________ Feagin Ch 4 Extra credit short answer questions 1. Briefly explain at least two factors contributing to diminishing Irish American stereotypes. 2. What factors contributed to the conflict between Irish Americans and African Americans? 3. Why did Irish Americans feel it was important to participate in politics? 4. What economic factors contributed to the upward mobility of Irish Americans? 5. In what ways did cultural and structural assimilation occur for Irish Americans? 6. How did nativism contribute to the early experiences of Italian immigrants?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. What was life like for the large numbers of Italians who immigrated in the peak period between 1880 and 1920? 8. Briefly explain how negative stereotypes of Italian Americans changed or remained the same since their initial immigration. 9. Why were dozens of Italian immigrants killed by mobs in the South? 10. What factors contributed to the early poverty of and discrimination against Italian Americans? 11. How might you explain identificational assimilation as it pertains to Italian Americans presently?...
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