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Name_________________ ICS 9 date _____________ Feagin Ch 5 Extra credit short answer questions 1. How did early stereotypes of Jewish Americans differ from stereotypes of different racial and ethnic groups? Provide at least one example. 2. Briefly explain how and why hate crimes against Jewish Americans have been increasing or decreasing in recent decades. 3. In what ways, if any, have Jewish American political views and participation changed over time? 4. As perhaps the most affluent of white ethnic groups, Jewish Americans might be expected to develop the
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Unformatted text preview: generally more conservative orientation of other high-income whites. Briefly explain why this statement is accurate or inaccurate. 5. The Jewish American community is concerned that intermarriage is destroying Jewish identity and solidarity. Please explain why this statement is true or not true. 6. In what ways have Jewish Americans accepted or challenged white privilege?...
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