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Name_________________ ICS 9 date _____________ Feagin Ch 6 Extra credit short answer questions 1. In what ways did the initial contact between Native Americans and Europeans differ from the a. initial relationship between Europeans and African Americans? Please explain. 2. How are myths about Native Americans connected to negative images and stereotypes? 3. What are the long-term consequences of Manifest Destiny? Please provide an example. 4. In what ways do recent economic developments of Native Americans differ from their economic
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Unformatted text preview: situation of the past? Please provide at least two examples. 5. What role, if any, did past poverty and land theft play in the current economic situation of Native Americans? 6. Briefly explain the educational differences between Native Americans and European Americans a. and provide at least two examples of the differences. 7. How would you apply Gordons assimilation theory to Native Americans?...
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