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CIS 15AG Questions Chapter 1: Introduction to Computers 1. Computer hardware consists of five parts. Circle them: 1). Keyboard 7). Tape 2). Monitor 8). Mouse 3). CPU (Central Processing Unit) 9). Primary Memory 4). Disk 10). Auxiliary Storage Devices 5). Input Devices 11). Output Devices 6). Printer 2. There are two categories of computer software. Circle them: 1). Operating System 5). Application Specific Software 2). General Purpose Software 6). System Software 3). Application Software 7). System Support Software 4). System Development Software 3. Given a problem, such as calculate the average of three scores, list and explain the steps that a programmer follows in writing a program for this problem (on paper). 4. Given a program (on paper), describe three software tools that a programmer uses to develop and run the program. 5. T rue- F alse questions: a. A compiler will detect errors in programs such as missing semicolon . T / F b.
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Unformatted text preview: A compiler translates a source program into an executable program . T / F c. A structure chart is created after the program is written. T / F d. An object module contains machine language. T / F e. An executable file contains machine language. T / F f. A source file contains machine language. T / F 6. For each question choose one of the following answers: a. Object program b. Algorithm c. System program d. Source program e. Executable program f. Compiler 6.1. A program written in a high level language is called: 6.2. A compiler is used to create a[n]: 6.3. A text editor is used to create a[n]: 6.4. A linker is used to create a[n]: 6.5. A system library is needed when creating a[n]: 7. The tool used by a programmer to convert a source program to machine language is a a. Text editor b. Linker c. Compiler d. Preprocessor e. Language translator f. Debugger 1...
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