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COM 301-Writing Assignment 1 - Lo 1 Allison Lo COM 301...

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Lo Allison Lo COM 301 Professor Quigley May 31, 2007 Writing Assignment #1 Part One: Situation Analysis Recommendation To fully understand the situation as to why the recent red ribbon campaign in Munsea “flopped”, a thorough situation analysis and research should be conducted in order to understand the problems and challenges that the Munsea MADD chapter faces. I would like to conduct a variety of qualitative and quantitative research to obtain a well rounded idea and analysis of the situation. The qualitative research that I would like to perform includes observation, focus groups and interviews. The quantitative research that I would like to conduct includes surveys and polls. Since Munsea is largely a college town and college students make up a majority of the demographics, I will observe the Bell Community by walking around the Bell campus and the areas that surround the Bell Campus. By observing the Bell campus and its student interactions, I hope to observe the students and see if they are aware of MADD’s efforts to prevent drunk driving and if MADD’s efforts have a noticeably impact and influence on student life. Also through observation, I hope to discover if the students are actively involved in MADD campaigns and efforts. From my observations, I will find out the key opinion leaders within the student population. I will conduct one on one interviews with these opinion leaders to get a better understanding of their attitudes and opinions towards MADD. I will also conduct one on 1
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Lo one interviews with other opinion leaders in the non college community and get their ideas and thoughts on MADD as well. In my interviews I will specifically ask them if
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COM 301-Writing Assignment 1 - Lo 1 Allison Lo COM 301...

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