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COM 301-Final Project Outline

COM 301-Final Project Outline - 5 PSAs and Commercials 6...

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Outline the role of research in your campaign and summarize specific steps you will take in the first month to plan the campaign. Research I. Quantitative A. State Wide Surveys – Gauge public opinion on Handgun Law B. Internet Polls C. 1-800 Telephone Lines – So people can express other ideas II. Qualitative A. Observation – Observe communities to see how handguns affect society B. Focus Groups C. Interview – Opinion Leaders, Legislators, Home Owners, Students, etc III. Other Research A. Study Case Studies related to/affecting Handgun Law B. Study Legislation C. Examine Public Opinion D. Examine Gun Purchasing Trends and Practices E. Examine the rate of handgun related crimes/deaths F. Research why gun laws are not being upheld IV. Implementing the Campaign A. Informing the Public Through… 1. Website with information on handgun law and why it is beneficial to retain the law 2. Brochures 3. Mail/Email 4. Telephone Messages
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Unformatted text preview: 5. PSAs and Commercials 6. Statistics/Case Studies/Survey Results B. Get the Public to… 1. Write letters expressing opinion to Minnesota legislature 2. Start blogs expressing their opinion against the handgun law 3. Inform others 4. Establish committees C. Other Campaign Tactics 1. Protests 2. Conferences 3. Posters/Billboards in public areas D. Using Research Grassroots 301 will attempt to inform the public that… 1. Eliminating guns will not eliminate crimes completely. 2. Prohibiting guns will merely encourage people to obtain guns illegally 3. Handgun permit process should enforce stronger background checks 4. Parents need to keep guns out of minors/teenagers reach (i.e. Minnesota Shooting is a result of the person obtaining guns from a family member) 5. Gun laws are not being enforced/upheld and have vague wording. V. Campaign Goal A. Get people involved...
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