COM 301-Final Project

COM 301-Final Project - Side: NRA Goal: Defeat the Repeal...

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Side: NRA Goal: Defeat the Repeal and Maintain the Handgun Permit Law. Rationale 1: Gun control does not correct crime problem Rationale 2: Gun control violates rights of gun owners. Rationale 1 - Guns aren’t the only deadly weapon. - People kill people. Guns don’t kill people. - Knives can serve as instruments of violence, yet no one advocates restricting ownership of knives. - If gun control limited guns and made them unavailable, potential perpetrators of crime would simply resort to other means. - Persons determined to commit crimes would find illegal ways of acquiring firearms even if laws banned or restricted them. - Prohibition did not prevent the use of alcoholic beverages, nor do laws eliminate prostitution, or illegal drugs. Thus gun control by definition take guns away from law abiding citizens only and leave them in the hands of criminals - No scientific proof that guns directly cause murder. If so then murder would be premeditated but most murders are not premeditated and happen in a emotional moment. (Ie Convenience store robber gets scared when clerk tackles him and shoots him. Man shoots wife in the heat of a lover’s quarrel) Rationale 2
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COM 301-Final Project - Side: NRA Goal: Defeat the Repeal...

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