FT 303 Exam 2 Notes

FT 303 Exam 2 Notes - FT 303 Exam 2 Notes Chapter 10...

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FT 303 Exam 2 Notes Chapter 10 – Promotion and Audience Feedback Promotion and Feedback – two sides of the same coin. Main purpose is to attract an audience for a particular product (i.e. TV or radio program, movie, game) Media forms sell ads, advertises provide the $ for financial success. It is important for media forms to have valid proof of their audience feedback so that they can convince potential advertisers to buy commercial time. Advertisers want to receive max return for their advertising money. Different ways to put products out there (programming) o EX: Cryptic promo for flashfoward – ran during last season of Lost o EX: Niche Targeting – Archer promo during “its always sunny in Philly” o EX: word of mouth promo o EX: Blair Witch Promo – online marketing made it into a success. Promotions Tied closely to public relations and publicity. Promotional Spots (promos) – An advertisement for a station’s or network’s own programs that is shown on its own channel. People have loyalty to particular media outlets because they like what they see or hear so they are a potentially receptive group. Cross Promote – when one net or station promotes something on another net or station, usually because they have common ownership. EX: promo for HBO may appear on CNN because both owned by Time Warner. Promos – look like commercial except they are about future programming. Often contain short scenes from the program, along with info about when it will air. Because promotes are like commercial, viewers often skip them like commercial – RESULT: Snipes Snipes – A pop up in the lower portion of a TV screen that promotes an upcoming program. Can’t fastforward thru it because it is a part of the program material the viewer is watching. Trailers – An advertisement for, or preview of, a movie that includes scenes from the movie. Media Promotion – media forms use each other for promotion. Most promotion geared toward potential audience for the media product, but some promotion geared towards members of an industry. Best promotion is word of mouth. Public Relations – builds general goodwill that can enhance sales and audience numbers. EX: giving station tours, engage in public service activities, campaign to stop pollution etc. Public Service Announcements – Advertisements for nonprofit organizations. Stations and nets don’t charge for this, so they are often put at undesirable times. Publicity – Free articles or other forms of enhancement that will garner public attention. Preferred over promotion because it is free, but problem is it may be negative. Forms of Audience Feedback Fan mail (earliest), internet (text, website traffic and hits, chatroom comments), media purchases. Formal Research
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FT 303 Exam 2 Notes - FT 303 Exam 2 Notes Chapter 10...

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