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Unformatted text preview: FT 303 THE INTERNET The Big Distinction One-way flows vs. Two-way flows Top-down vs. Level playing field Basic Communication Model: 1. Sender has a thought 2. Sender ENCODES thought into a MESSAGE 3. MESSAGE is transmitted thru a CHANNEL 4. RECEIVER Decodes Message 5. Receiver INTERNALIZES message Origins The Cold War 1957: Sputnik launched ARPA: Advanced Research Projects Agency Part of DoD Result: Message sharing ARPANET 1984: INTERNET Email 1971 Scientists working on ARPANET wanted to share messages with each other World Wide Web Original mission: help scientists share information quickly (around the globe) How? TCP/IP protocol, Hypertext, Domain Name System Results: HTML, HTTP Government Legislation that facilitated infrastructure for information superhighway 1992: Congress privatizes internet No one owns the internet, but media companies own infrastructure and most-visited sites Content Better technology, better software, better radio quality Rights-owners demanded fees (ASCAP, BMI, RIAA) Non-ad-supported stations hurt File sharing & MP3 1999: Napster 2001: Napster shut down 2002: Napster reappears as a legal downloading service Distribution Model has changed Content: TV YouTube a site of contradiction: Accessibility and democratization of media, but New ways to regulate and deny access based on copyright protection Culture of the Clip Bite-sized bits of info to access versions of history Abstractions from full texts, from context New temporality of instant gratification for audiences Dialectic of Ubiquity and Ephemerality Ubiquity: Being everywhere at once Ephemerality: Not meant to last Cultural Memory Pieces of televisions past serve as cultural memory Media texts have shaped people Community or Individualism? Community/Sharing Narcissism / Exhibitionism Copyright Issues Types of Content: Copied TV/Film recordings in clip form AppropriatedCopyrighted works used in original content OriginalNo copyrighted works involved at all EM CH 2 Origins of the Internet Traced to 2 Phenomena in middle of 20 th century: Development of computers and Cold War. 1952: Public learns about computers when UNIVAC was used for election coverage. 1957: Soviet Union launches Sputnik potential of space based communications for defense 1958: Eisenhower forms Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) to create stronger military. 1966: Bob Taylor realizes that research and communication can be greatly enhanced if scientists at one location could interact with computers at other locations. Computers all had different language then....
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