FT 303-New Distribution Platforms

FT 303-New Distribution Platforms - FT 303 - NEW...

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FT 303 - NEW DISTRIBUTION PLATFORMS The Black Box Fallacy Idea that one day all media content will flow through a single back box (idea that as technology progress we will have one black box for everything) A fallacy because it reduces all media transformation to technology… (Fallacy because technological progression is just technology – says its only a one way flow without users having a say) …And doesn’t consider user’ needs Reality right now: a lot of black boxes (i.e. phone, ipod, laptop etc) Where the Networks Stand (NBC vs. CBS) NBC: o Remove dramas, insert Leno o Cable assets will save the day o Different experiences of TV o Beauty of NBC Universal is that it has all these cable channels to save the day, doesn’t have to solely rely on NBC proper – so NBC not terrified by new distribution platforms o NBC: need to move forward, understand how people watch TV CBS: o Develop hit shows with broad audiences o Believe big ratings will save the day o Hit shows in “one media tent” – thinks model still same. o Only way broadcast will remain afloat if there are hits that will reach a lot of audiences – so advertising rates increase o CBS: don’t need to change, traditional TV format, need hits Two Possible Scenarios Nets who look to new distribution platforms break away from local affiliates, pull out of certain dayparts Continued demand for big audiences with lowest common denominator programming. o Belief that consumers still want free TV with professional content. (same old same old) o ***Bigger audiences still the best. MTV Model Issue: Staying relevant with web-savvy fans and fighting piracy at the same time. People aggressively search for/pirating comedy shows online The Daily Show, Colbert Report, South Park – so all three streamed online By keeping viewers in official website, keep them with official advertisers and stay in same model?? 2008: Time Warner says ‘no’ to Viacom’s request for 15% increase in per-subscriber fees. Says no because content is being streamed online – devaluing content Internet Protocol TV Is on demand Where we get bundled packages
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FT 303-New Distribution Platforms - FT 303 - NEW...

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