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MEMORANDUM TO: Professor Jaramillo, VP of NBC Programming FROM: Allison Lo, NBC Program Researcher DATE: 11/17/2009 SUBJECT: TV Program Report on Heroes Program Overview While Heroes ’ critically acclaimed first season was well received with high ratings, its subsequent seasons have not fared as as well. Seasons two and three exhibited a decline in popularity, garnering fewer ratings and viewers with each successive season. Now entering its fourth season, Heroes continues to steadily slip decrease in ratings and diminish in viewership. Furthermore, when compared with the other competing broadcast network programs (ABC’s Dancing With the Stars , FOX’s House ) during its current Monday night 8 PM pm time slot, Heroes falls short, especially with adults 18 - 49 years old . It is evident that Heroes has been renewed season after season primarily because it is one of the best performing dramas shows that NBC has aired in many years (Littleton, “Tim Kring Refocuses Heroes” – KRH ). However, simply being one of NBC’s top dramas is not sufficient enough to ensure future audience retention or better ratings. If Heroes is to bounce back and maintain its own against stronger other strongly rated drama series, changes must be made to Heroes ’ programming and its overall storyline. The following TV program report will assess Heroes ’ strengths and weaknesses, its ratings and shares over time, and suggestions for improvement. s means of improving Heroes as a program. Strengths Factors such as Heroes ’ comic book storytelling elements, unique fan base and story structure are elements that kept its ratings strong during its first season. Labeling its
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seasons as “volumes” and its episodes as “chapters” while incorporating comic book-like graphics into the show differentiated Heroes from other prime-time dramas. This also and helped build a loyal cult-like following of loyal geek, Comic Con, and sci-fi fans. It is these niche fans that are most likely keeping Heroes alive today, persisting with the program despite the majority of other viewers who have left the show for more mainstream fare. Strong storytelling elements also contributed to Heroes’ to its initial success. Having a distinctive slogan such as “Save the cheerleader, save the world” gave the show and viewers a cause to support and rally around in season one. The character’ s’ unique roles along with the program’s multi-story arcs that unfolded over the course of the season kept viewers on the edge of their seats and returning episode after episode. The show’s underlying “ good versus evil” theme also helped tie the story’s overall plot together as characters had to must combat Sylar, the ultimate super villain, in order to save the world. Weaknesses
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