SOC 120 Week 2 Assignment - Adivasis and Delits By Candace...

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Adivasis and Delits By Candace Terrell SOC 120 August 22, 2011
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2 The trip to India was an experience like no other. I had done my research on the way of life and how the people live, but I could have never prepared myself for all of the prejudice. When I first arrived, I could not understand for the life of me why some of the natives were being treated so poorly. Upon asking questions to my guide, did I discover that those who were treated so horribly deserved it. I did not understand this statement, so I asked for some clarity. I was then told that those who were treated poorly are considered as Dalits, also known as the unclean. Those labeled as Dalits are children, women and men that have no choice but to take the worst of jobs and live in the worst conditions. They are considered to be the bottom of the culture; nothing more than common trash or garbage. However, there are those that are considered to be higher up or more important called the Adivasis. The Adivasis are treated with respect. They live in the best living conditions and work the best jobs available. India is a country in which true beauty lies. There are beautiful shops, temples, eateries and various tourists’ attractions that make the city thrive. Yet, just like there is a beautiful side of India, there is a dark and hidden side that no one should be exposed to. Most people only see what natives want them to see. If tourists came to the country and were made aware of the dark side, they would no longer want to stay or explore. In the Indian culture, there are different types of clothes, tattoos and jewelry that
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SOC 120 Week 2 Assignment - Adivasis and Delits By Candace...

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