SOC 120 Week 1 Checkpoint - depression, which in turn can...

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Sociological Research Methods Suicide The article that I selected is focused primarily on the critical orientation explaining the risk of suicide and the actual act itself. In this particular article that I selected, it basically says that regardless of the reason for the actual suicide, it is primarily because of some sort of psychological problem with that person. Simply because someone is mentally unstable, does not make them a target for suicide. Depression has a lot to do with depression, but it is not the sole reason for one committing or contemplating the act. A lot of times, those who are suicidal feel as though they are alone, even if they have many family members and friends. They often feel isolated and lonely due to the way their surroundings make them feel and they often have zero feelings for personal things or people in their lives. In many cases, the use of drugs and/or alcohol can trigger
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Unformatted text preview: depression, which in turn can cause suicide or an attempt of the act. Although a majority of people you hear about that commit suicide are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, that is not that case for everyone. Depending on the person, they can have a combination of things that make them want to end their lives. For example, some may feel like they’re burdening others, have mental issues and often abuse drugs. No matter what the person might be going through, suicide can easily be prevented. References Värnik, A., Sisask, M., Värnik, P., Jing, W., Kõlves, K., Arensman, E., & Hegerl, U. (2011). Drug suicide: a sex-equal cause of death in 16 European countries. BMC Public Health Schneider, B. (2009). Substance Use Disorders and Risk for Completed Suicide. Archives of Suicide Research...
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SOC 120 Week 1 Checkpoint - depression, which in turn can...

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