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Week 2 CheckPoint Assignment - Human Digestion The digestion process seems like a very complicated one, but it is actually very simple. The process begins with the salivary glands. The sight and smell of food triggers the glands. At that time, food enters the digestive tract at the mouth. From there, food is then broken into smaller pieces by teeth and mixed with saliva, transforming it into a bolus. Once the bolus is made, it is then swallowed and enters the pharynx and continues to make its way into the esophagus. Once the bolus has passed through the esophagus, it then enters the stomach and small intestines. When the bolus enters the
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Unformatted text preview: stomach, it gets mixed and combined with stomach acids that break down the bolus into chyme. The chyme then remains in the stomach for two to six hours while it digests and breaks down food particles. When this process is complete, the chyme then empties into the small intestine. Once the chyme enters the small intestine, there is a chemical breakdown that allows nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Any food that is not absorbed is then moved through the small intestine into the large intestine. Once in the large intestine, any food that was not used by the body is then formed into feces and expelled from the body....
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