SCI 241 Week 1 Assignment - Healthy Eating Plan By Candace...

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Healthy Eating Plan By Candace Smith SCI/241 August 14, 2011 For years I have struggled with my eating habits. For as long as I could remember, I have always been overweight. That stems from a combination of genetics,
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2 poor eating habits and lack of exercise. When I was younger, I only enjoyed eating certain foods; normally foods in which are full of fat, sugar and zero nutritional value. If the food looked and tasted good, then I usually wanted it or craved it. However, as I got older, I realized that some of the foods I never gave a chance were not only good for me, but they tasted good as well. Even though I started to eat more healthy foods, I could not seem to lose the amount of weight I wanted. So last year, I decided to undergo weight loss surgery. The lap band has helped me control my hunger, regulate my eating habits and allowed to me lose weight. Upon completion of the Daily Food Plan, I was advised that I was still severely overweight and that there was not a plan that properly suited me. So instead, I opted to view the plan of a woman my age and height, but in a normal weight range. After submitting my information to receive a customized daily food plan, I was
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SCI 241 Week 1 Assignment - Healthy Eating Plan By Candace...

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