Chem114Sp08syll - Syllabus for Chemistry 114A and 114B...

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Syllabus for Chemistry 114A and 114B – Spring 2007 General College Chemistry II Instructor: Dr. Melita Balch Email: Office: Science Learning Center: SES 205A (inside 201) Phone: 312-413-7405 Website for class: Lecture, Section C, CRN# 23396: M W F 12:00 – 12:50 PM, 250 BSB Office Hours: W F 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM. I am also available at other times for assistance; you may stop by my office to see if I am available, or you may call or email me to arrange to meet. You are strongly encouraged to ask for assistance. Do not wait until you are behind with the material to ask for help! The teaching assistants will also hold office hours for help with labs or lecture material each week TBA (in discussion session in the first week). In addition, it is highly recommended that students form study groups with each other; a clear increase in grade average is strongly correlated with participating in such study groups. There are formal study groups organized with peer mentors as leaders for chemistry 114, held in the Science Learning Center every weekday, beginning in the third week of the semester; see me or go to for more information. Required materials: Textbook: Oxtoby, Freeman and Block, Chemistry SCIENCE OF CHANGE, 4 th ed. Thomson Brooks/Cole, 2003. Laboratory: Chemistry 114/118 Laboratory Manual AND a bound laboratory notebook that contains carbon copies AND you must have a pair of chemical splash goggles (not merely standard eyewear) or you will not be allowed in the laboratory. You will also need a scientific calculator for both lab and lecture, with capability of exponential notation display along with function keys for y x , x th root of y, log x, antilog x, ln x and inverse ln x. Programming and plotting capability on the calculator is not required for this course but use of a standard computer graphing program (e.g., Excel) will be necessary. Homework: All homework will be completed online using OWL (Online Web-based Learning), for which access must be purchased. If you took Chem 112 in the fall here at UIC, your login is still valid and you will simply need to register for the correct section of Chem 114 on the OWL website. If you did not take Chem 112 at UIC or it was too long ago, you may buy access to the OWL site at the UIC bookstore. It is included if you buy a new textbook. If you buy your book elsewhere, you will need to purchase this at the UIC bookstore separately by obtaining a blue card in the textbook area and taking it to the front. You may also buy access to OWL online at ( make sure to select the OWL code for the proper text!) . COURSE REQUIREMENTS
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Chem114Sp08syll - Syllabus for Chemistry 114A and 114B...

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