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Page 1 of 3 B.Mc. 4/18/11 Lab Final Study Guide Bio 6B/Brian McCauley Spring 2011 Date The lab final will be Thursday, June 16. You’ll have the whole lab period. Format I haven’t made the final yet. It could include a variety of questions, including short-answer, diagram and describe, multiple-choice, etc. Calculations Be ready to do any of the calculations you’ve seen in lab this quarter. I think there are only three kinds of calculations: Unit conversions. Know your nano, micro, milli, etc. C 1 V 1 =C 2 V 2 . Use this when you start with a given concentration and end with a different concentration. How much enzyme or how much mass. This is different from the C 1 V 1 calculation. Start with what you’re given (e.g., you need 2 Units of enzyme) and figure out what to multiply that by to give you the right kind of answer (e.g., microliters). Write it out like this: 2 units enzyme = __________ μ l enzyme Then plug in the concentration, inverted so you get an answer in microliters: 2 units enzyme (1 μ l/20 Units) = __________ μ l enzyme The challenge for the calculation questions will be figuring out how the calculations fit into the context of lab procedures. In other words, it will be molecular biology, not just math. Sample calculation questions: 1. 100 µ l is equal to _________ ml. 2. 10 μ g is equal to _________ ng or _________ mg. 3. 70 μ g/ml is equal to _________ ng/ µ l or _________ mg/ml. 4.
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LabExamSG11Sp - Lab Final Study Guide B io 6B/Br ian...

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