MT1SG11Sp - Midterm 1 Study Guide B io 6B/Br ian McCauley S...

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Page 1 of 3 B.Mc. 4/5/11 Midterm 1 Study Guide Bio 6B/Brian McCauley Spring 2011 Date Midterm 1 will be Monday, April 25. You’ll have the whole lecture period. Format The midterm will contain some multiple-choice questions and one essay question. Bring a Scantron sheet with 50 questions per side. The multiple-choice questions may have more than one correct answer, and you’ll need to mark all correct answers to get credit. You’ll write your answer to the essay question on the exam itself; you don’t need a blue book. The test questions will be based on the lecture material. Use the lectures as a guide to what you should study, and read the sections of the book that were covered in lecture. Rules Be on time. Arriving late is disruptive to other students who are taking the exam. You may not leave the room and return during the exam. You may not use (or have visible) any notes, extra papers (even blank papers), books, or other aids during the exam. This includes translating dictionaries, cell phones, and other electronic devices. Do not look at your cell phone during the exam – even to use it as a clock. Breaking any of these rules is considered cheating, and will cause you to fail the course. Important Concepts Molecules (Ch. 2-5): Emergent properties Electrons, energy levels, orbitals Chemical bonds: Nonpolar covalent Polar covalent Ionic Hydrogen Van der Waals Polar vs. nonpolar molecules; Hydrophobic vs. hydrophilic molecules
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MT1SG11Sp - Midterm 1 Study Guide B io 6B/Br ian McCauley S...

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