MT2SG11Sp - Midterm 2 Study Guide Bio 6B/Br ian McCauley...

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B.Mc. 4/27/11 Midterm 2 Study Guide Bio 6B/Brian McCauley Spring 2011 Date & Format Midterm 2 will be on Wednesday, May 11. The midterm, like the last one, will contain a number of multiple-choice questions and one diagram/long answer question. You’ll have the whole class period. Important Concepts Respiration (Ch. 9): The Hindenberg analogy Respiration is a redox process Glycolysis: ATP input NADH produced ATP made by substrate-level phosphorylation Pyruvate Pyruvate transport & conversion to acetyl: Porins Cotransport (symport) of H + , pyruvate COO - becomes CO 2 Acetyl CoA Citric acid (Krebs) cycle: Acetyl in, CO 2 out Why it’s a cycle NADH, FADH 2 , ATP produced Electron transport chain & ATP synthase: Where electrons come from & where they go Electron shuttle/NADH from glycolysis Proton pumps. What is the energy source for making the proton gradient? Where do the protons come from? NADH vs. FADH 2 . oxidizers and as reducers. For each step, what gets oxidized & what gets reduced? What’s more electronegative? Why is O 2 needed? Structure of mitochondrion: inner & outer membranes, intermembrane space, matrix Proton gradient is electrochemical How ATP synthase works Why 1 NADH is worth more than 1 ATP Metabolic poisons (drugs that alter ETC/proton gradient). Imagine a drug that
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MT2SG11Sp - Midterm 2 Study Guide Bio 6B/Br ian McCauley...

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