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Unformatted text preview: Coordination of Body Functions Respond to Stimuli Hormones A key characteristic of Life Respond to Stimuli Respond to Stimuli: Nervous System Central Nervous S ystem Integration & Cognition Sensory Nerves Motor Nerves sensor effector sensor stimulus response stimulus Cellular Communication by direct cell-cell contact Respond to Stimuli: Endocrine System effector = specific muscle response or g land effector (a) Communicating cell junctions. Nervous System Plasma membranes response effector Endocrine Gland vi sensor stimulus effector response Heyer a bl d oo st re am Gap junctions between animal cells response effector = various target response tissues throughout the body Plasmodesmata between plant cells (b) Cell-cell recognition. Figure 11.3 1 Coordination of Body Functions Cellular Communication — Cellular Communication via chemical messengers 1. Release: initiator cell secretes ( exocytosis) a chemical messenger (signal molecules). Reception: messenger molecules bind to receptors (binding proteins) on target cells. Transduction: binding of signal molec...
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